Why Choose Us


We know that every detail of each project is important to our respective clients. For this reason, each component of a project is given special attention by delegated team members  who specialize in their respective areas -- ensuring that the final result is one in which our clients and their stakeholders can be pleased with.


Accidents at the work site can not only damper productivity and cause injuries, but may draw unwanted, negative publicity for our clients.  At MBC&MF, we hold safety in the highest regard. Our team is trained to observe on-site safety measures and are provided with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). Staff are also subjected to daily safety briefings to ensure that they thoroughly understand and comply with safety measures.


We understand professionalism and the need for good work ethics. Our cordial and courteous team will ensure that your relationship with us is one that lasts.

Who We Are?

From the inception, MonahBoy Construction has observed strict adherence to international safety codes and standards. All workers on-site are fully geared in personal protective equipment and are briefed daily on safety procedures as it relates to each worksite. We are also the proud employer of a skilled Guyanese workforce and are committed to excellence and providing customer satisfaction through meeting required deadlines, standards, and specifications.

We promise to ensure that each project undertaken produces quality that each customer can be proud of, and that customer specifications, expectations and deadlines are all met to our customers' satisfaction.

Our Clients